COVID-19 support
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Redeployment support
Repurposing support

Analysis support
Review support

Backlog support

We're here to help you now with your NHS wheelchair services.



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A national wheelchair service crisis.

COVID-19 has created backlogs which, left unchecked, will take over 24 months to clear.

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Analysis and support

Our collective fight against COVID-19 has thrown a lot of health and social care services off track.  There could be gaps in your wheelchair service that you’re not yet aware of.

We can come and talk to you and help you to analyse and identify where any gaps might have developed in your wheelchair service provision.

Our dedicated team can provide continuous virtual and on-site analysis to support the clearing of your backlog.

As a national wheelchair service provider to the NHS, we’re able to support you with:
  • proven waiting list initiatives
  • triage
  • full assessment
  • full handover
  • deliveries
  • repairs
  • collections
  • reconditioning
  • recycling

We can offer a complete package or you can select different elements of the service.

Heart on our sleeve

At AJM Healthcare, we’ve always worn our heart on our sleeve, and now, more than ever.

We’ve supported our local NHS wheelchair services across the country and throughout the pandemic.

Our wheelchair services have enjoyed business as usual (COVID-secure) with low levels of waiting times.  We have managed a near-normal service, providing for urgent and moderate needs, creating only minimal backlogs (self-isolators only)

We’re now repurposing our staff to provide additional capacity and resources to support other NHS services.

Backlog clearance

We have a national, dedicated team available for deployment in under 8 weeks. The support this team can offer you can be tailored to your specific CCG and wheelchair service requirement.

Within the last year, we have successfully deployed our team to clear 383 cases, working alongside the NHS Portsmouth Wheelchair Service.

"AJM have worked with enthusiasm and determination on Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Waiting List Initiative. The WLI has had its challenges but the service received from AJM has been outstanding with clear communication and transparency every step of the way."

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Outstanding customer care

Keeping you safe and supported with our highly skilled teams of caring and empathetic staff. We cover the full spectrum from triage, duty clinicians, engineers, logistics and customer service.

We're available for rapid deployment, even during COVID-19, with appropriate safety precautions for both staff and service users.